Best Edge Control EVER!

This; "Curls TM Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste" is the absolute best edge control out there! I have really thick and curly hair that I try to protect and preserve as much as I can which is why I steer away from using gel. I have tried just about every kind of edge control product out there to try and slick my frizzy hair down and this by far is the best. It's long lasting, smells great, and has a great hold. I got this product at Target for $7.99. It's a bit more than I would regularly ike to spend on such a small container, but it's completely worth it!

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  1. godlenew83

    Best control of the edge features and all motions. It is the notion of the right and comfort. It is the elevated for the perfection and all assessment it is the vital and placed for the judged and adjustment. It is the imposed to pay for a paper to be written and controlled.

    June 19, 2016